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Jose and Barbara Velez

Jose and Barb have been married now for 19 years and they have a 14 year old Son named Sam and a beautiful Maltipoo named Crystal. On 2004 they embarked on a faith journey as they moved from Puerto Rico to Florida.  They left their family in obedience to a mandate from the Lord.  The adventure began and its been a journey. In 2007 they moved to Illinois where they live now.  They both serve and volunteer in their community and support Churches and ministries in the area. They believe in the power of the testimony and they share candidly the lessons learned through their journey. They are passionate to provide practical tools that will help others  live passionately and wholeheartedly  as they seek to make their dreams a reality.

Jose Velez

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The Reverend Jose Velez is a Music Minister and Worship Leader with a prophetic anointing. He has more than twenty (20) years of experience working with churches to develop worship ministries. He teaches music focusing on developing the basic ensemble to play and lead “live” in a Church setting. He has also developed workshops or teachings to help those learning music the Biblical fundamentals of worship and the importance of music in changing the spiritual atmospheres.  

Currently Jose is focusing on establish his home studio business. He is also learning as much as possible about media (video and Photography) with the purpose of helping others to record their own music affordably and help the develop content for their business and ministries.

Barbara Velez

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The Reverend Barbara Velez  is an author and content creator with more than 20 years of experience in planning and administration.  She served  3 years as a Pastor and Co-host of a radio program. For the last 12 years she have served as an itinerant Speaker in the Chicago-land region. She is also a founding Member and Events Coordinator of Destiny Arsing, a women empowering organization in the 7 Spheres of influence.

Barbara currently works as an Administrative Assistant for the School District in her community. She enjoys been a wife and a mother which she feels is her most important role.  She is an avid reader, loves gardening  and enjoys cooking and serving others.